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Click to enlargeWelcome to S.A. Technologies, Inc. secure online ordering system on Yahoo Store. In business since 1994 specializing in computer ram memory upgrades, providing High Quality Service, Value Pricing to customers World wide.

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Santa Clara, CA 95054
Tel: 408 980 8355 or 800 808 8356
Fax: 408 980 8356

In Business since 1994-Providing High Quality Products and Service, Value Pricing to customers.

S.A. Technologies, Inc. manufactures and distributes EXCELERATEMemory Products for all kinds of PCs, Macs, workstations, printers, notebooks, fax machines, copiers, samplers, video cards and sound cards. Memory products are available for all brand name products and clones. We are in business from 1994 and have an excellent track record in customer satisfaction. Our technical knowledge on old and new systems make us a unique memory buying store both online and offline. All our memory products are backed by a comprehensive lifetime warranty and toll-free technical support. We sell products made from brand new and brand name chips. We do not sell generic, remarked or mixed chips. Most of our popular items can be purchased on line. If the product you need is not listed here or if you have any questions about the products listed here please call us at 1-800-808-8356 or e-mail us at email@satech.com

We offer over 100,000 EXCELERATE memory upgrades for more than 500,000 Name Brand PCs. We have memory for all kind of machines. If you have a Acer, Apple, Compaq, Cisco,Dell, Gateway, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Lenovo or any other name brand computer check out our section Memory For Brand Name PCs

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Recycle or Trade In Your Memory For Store Credit for Future Purchase If you like to recycle or donate your memory to schools or other institutions, we can help you with that. We always get request for older and memory modules of all sizes, you can mail them to us. We will find a good match for them from our request database. Do not waste old memory

Disposing memory into landfills causes lead contamination So please Do not throw away your memory! recycle or donate your memory:

Value for old memory We can offer credit for much of the older memory you may have. Even memory as old as 10 years.

We recycle and Donate all old memory stacked in drawers. -Old memory can donated to schools -Given to Recyclers who will dispose it off in an environmentally sound fashion -We will dispose your old memory freee of cost

Please contact us with a list of your memory to email@satech.com we will provide you

We are always looking to buy new as well as excess inventory and End Of Life memory modules and memory components CPU'S. All quantities are OK. Here is a list of products we buy:

DDR2/DDR3 Dimms Sodimms Minidimms


DDR2 PC2 4200 3200 5300 6400

184 pin DDR DIMMs PC1600 PC2100 PC2700 PC3200

168 pin and 200 pin SDRAM DIMMs PC66, PC100, PC133

168 pin EDO and FPM DIMMs

184 pin RDRAM DIMMs

144 pin SDRAM and EDO SO-DIMMs

72 pin SIMMs

Proprietary notebook and desktop memory

Sun, SGI, Cisco, IBM, Compaq and HP memory

Flash SIMMs, DIMMs and cards

Memory chips - DRAM, FPM, EDO, SDRAM, DDR SOJ and TSOP

CPU Processors Intel and AMD Socket 7, Slot 1, Slot A, Socket 370, FCPGA

If you are looking to sell please call purchasing or e-mail us at email@satech.com or fax your list to (408) 980 8356.